2021 In Review

Retrospective of the last year.

In which I consider my inconsistent updating of this site and how it's because I like it when I've done it, but I don't think to do it in the moment. etc.

Another year, another mediocre effort at keeping this up to date. But this is for me, not a job I have to do. The problem is the fun is in looking back, not in making the updates every day. I'll try and do better in 2022.

Art Progress

A lot of happy art progress this year. I'm really starting to feel comfortable with blender and modeling now, and I'm kinda getting comfortable with animating and rigging - at least hard body objects. Soft skinning is still something I could use some practice at. I can't say I'm 'good' but 'comfortable' is the right adjective for sure. I feel like with enough patience and effort I could model what is in my head and make placeholder animations that don't make me vomit.

This year, I need to buckle down and focus on my absolute worst skills: sculpting and texturing!

3 Games Released

I have slowed down on the pace at which I game jam, I felt like the short timelines were preventing me from exploring things in the depth I wanted to. Game Jams are great for pushing yourself, and sort of enforcing knowledge you've gained, but for me they aren't the best place to learn new skills.

Or maybe I just wasn't feeling as game-motivated this year as I was some of my other projects. I'm feeling strong starting 2022 though, so lets see what happens.