February 2020 In Review

Retrospective of the last month.

Art Time spent 43 hours
Total Time 270 hours
Remaining 9730 hours
2.70% Towards Mastery!

Not as much art this Month, as I focused in on coding more, but I was able to get a solid week in.


It wouldn't be a month of art without a new set of base meshes!

More practice sculpting!


Procedural Work

Procedural Space Skyboxes!

Blender Plugin development was harder than expected...



New animation system

Trying some new JavaScript 2d isometric rendering

Ahh, good old fashioned A Star!


Another busy month, rounding out four months (a quarter of a year!) reporting on my progress. It's most readily apparent in the artwork, but I think some of my code is improving as well. It feels good to be leveling up! I'm starting to feel ready to take on a larger project soon!