More Blender Scripting Shennanegins

I'm a glutton for punishment.

You ever spend two days on something that only took 15 minutes of coding?

Was it fun and rewarding? Do you wish you could have that experience more often?

If so, then writing blender scripts may just be for you!

I have been working on what started as a small collection of utilities to help me rig faster, and ended up being a little more of ... an autorigger. Now, if you don't know what an autorigger is, good - you won't have any expectation on how good it's actually supposed to be. What I wrote is less of a professional grade auto-rigger, and more of a toy script that helped me learn more about the blender python API. I did pick up a few things the second go around, but man ohhh man it took me two days to write this! That's insanely slow!

Anyway, I've actually been struggling with formatting these posts to do code breakdowns, and just gave up and inlined it in the source.