AI Control

Expanding the controllers to support AI.

November 29, 2019

I built a new environment for testing play spaces, both for movement, enemy interactions, and pathfinding and added pathfinding and some AI agents to play with.

By using the same character but a different driver that handles NPC logic, we can add agents who can move through the same. Required integration with some third party libraries.


Agents running amok. (Using our Lady mesh)


There's a reason this isn't an art post.

I think there's around 350 agents at the moment.

Next I went through and updated all the previous controllers, making all test environments available to all controllers. It was interesting to do things like test this RPG character, with enemy spawners, in the neo tokyo environment, for example.


Not sure how well this reads, but here's a quick and drity navmesh on Neotokyo


Looks a little nicer.