RPG Controller

A character controller for RPGs

November 26, 2019

I started another controller which attempts to be the Dragon Age controller to my cover controllers Mass Effect.

Independant Orbiting Camera

  • I spent a lot of time improving my project template generator, specifically ensuring it works well with gitmodules.

  • I added a new OrbitCamera which inherits from btCamera. It allows you to zoom with mouse wheel, pressing and holding the right mouse button allows you to pan and tilt the camera.

  • I generalized the Follow behavior to give tracking capabilities to other objects (like the OrbitCamera. This gives the camera smoother following.

  • I generalized some of the animation controllers.

  • I started working on environment art.

    • Learning the new terrain tools in Unity

    • Learning how to build tiles and chunks in Blender

    • More on this in a future art post! For now, I'll just show off a third party environment that I've been using to learn some new techniques!

A Quick Run through a lowpoly fantasy environment.