Goblin Sculpt

Let's sculpt and get the asset into engine

Time spent 21 hours
Total Time 669 hours
Remaining 9351 hours
6.69% Towards Mastery!

At this point I feel like I have enough detail for baking onto a low poly mesh, but honestly this is the first time I've ever done anything like this so it's really anybody's guess.

I decided to keep going though and trying to work on detailing clothes, at least some boots and pants.

I'm really not happy with this level of clothing, I think I need to study some more and practice, but I do think it's time for me to try and convert this to a low poly mesh for baking.

Here I go, retopo!!!

Three more hours and ...

(It's subtle, I know...)

I cleaned up the flow quite a bit, I'm down to just one triangle for the ears and two 5 point starts (vertices with 5 edges flowing into them). Mirrored, I guess, so 2 and 4 respectively.'

I was having a lot of fun but now I realize I'm stalling doing the body and arms...

Being more careful this time. At this point I'm 9-10 hours into retopoing this model. That's really slow, but I'm getting faster as I go. I think the next model will be a lot smoother.

Okay, I'm going to call it here. I'm going to do the hands separately since I didn't even really bother sculpting the mitts.

It'll look a lot sweeter once I bake the details from the sculpt onto this, but you can see it's already looking pretty good, even with the awful topology.