Wizard Archer Environment Art

Gotta practice my animations and custom rigs.

Time spent 13 hours
Total Time 634 hours
Remaining 9386 hours
6.34% Towards Mastery!

Starting in on a new little project that merges fantasy FPS with tower defense, I think anyway. Just getting started.

More importantly, this project is really about me getting over my dislike of animations once and for all. I'm going to power through it, and get to the point where I can make passable block outs for animations if it kills me! That includes using custom, non standard, or modified rigs.

Also taking some of what I learned about texturing in the previous game (Adrift) and trying to apply the same techniques but with a very different style (going from PS1 era gritty horror to colorful fantasy cartoon - which is about as divergent as I could imagine).