Outlaw Sprite

Bone and frame based animation

Time spent 4 hours
Total Time 530 hours
Remaining 9538 hours
5.3% Towards Mastery!

Here's something I've never done before, but really wanted to try: sprite animations! A friend was doing a game jam involving some outlaws, and he asked me for some help with sprites in the style of Enter The Gungeon.

After taking a look to refresh my memory, I decided on both doing bone based animations (hands, body, feet, head) as well as traditional frame based animations (for the gun blasts) just to feel it out.

I expected frame animating to be tedious but actually I found it quite fun. That being said, animating a 10 frame gun burst might just be fun, vs doing a walk cycle or something to that effect.

Setting up the bone based animation in Unity was kind of obnoxious and very not portable. I'll keep looking into it...