Rigged and Animated Cyber Lady

Annoying Blender Plugins to get some Unity Renders

Time spent 11 hours
Total Time 366 hours
Remaining 9634 hours
3.66% Towards Mastery!

Apologies for the lighting, I started with something neutral then started making some glory lighting for the title, but my dev machine died, and I am stuck working on an ultrabook that only runs linux, so Unity was chugging pretty hard I gave up and had to just take some screens with what I had.

You'll notice some skinning errors on the arms, I might need to add some more meat and go in manually and paint some better weighting, but overall I'm pleased with the result.

I spent most of the day writing this script which is simple, but because Blender API docs have a bunch of "TODO: explain what this enumeration means" it took way longer than I would've liked. It simply takes two selected meshes and attempts to copy weights from one mesh to the other. This is useful when you have a model like this one which is actually carved up into multiple meshes. This allows you to transfer skin weights along the seam from one mesh to the other to prevent holes from forming while animating.