More Environment Art

Refining and finding an art style.

Time spent 15 hours
Total Time 322 hours
Remaining 9678 hours
3.22% Towards Mastery!

I did some work a few days ago on the suburban tileset, and I felt like after a day I had gotten pretty confident I could pull off that style in low poly.

I decided to move on and work on some gameplay, systems, and mechanics, but there was this part of my brain that said that I should try and do a more challenging style to really see if it's something that I can do. I decided to go for a more victorian environment art test for this experiment.

I picked this style specifically because for me the Victorian aesthetic requires a lot of ornate details. I had a hard time imaginging how to achieve this using basic colors and that flat polygon look.

This as a lot of fun and I probably spent way too much time doing it, but I was really enjoying it.

It's not ... very good, but it is consistent, and I am fond of it (like the proud parent of an ugly baby). I think with some props, better lighting (I really need to learn how to light a scene better) decals and some atmospherics like fog, I think maybe I can make this work.

It's crazy how much time I can pour into this, I feel like I haven't spent any time at all on the gameplay, and there's so much more visually that I want to do. That being said, being ambitious is what keeps me motivated, so I really want to try and push my skills to the limit on this one.