First Sculpt

Screw it, let's learn sculpting

Time spent 15 hours
Total Time 227 hours
Remaining 9773 hours
2.27% Towards Mastery!

I've been avoiding learning sculpting since I enjoy box modelling so much, and it felt like I could achieve everything I needed that way. I didn't want to stretch myself too thin, but after using the Blender sculpting tools to help out with some environment art, I had to try it for doing a bust!

I wanted to do something that really challenged me in traditional box modelling, so I decided to give a Cthulu bust a shot.

There's still a lot of problems, the tentacles are still difficult (this is the part that always gave me trouble in box modelling as well) but the results are more convincing than they would be if I did this in my usual way.

Bonus: Here's a little scultping on top of a base mesh in zbrush I have been messing around with.