Modular Environment

Exploration in modular environment building

Time spent 18 hours
Total Time 212 hours
Remaining 9822 hours
2.12% Towards Mastery!

My goal was to be able to build an naturalist environment, like woods with a pond.

I was using this image as reference:

First I built a "tileset" these are some simple meshes that represent the modular pieces I wanted to build. I went with a few different kinds of floors, with some dips for the pond area, and some walls to add some rocky areas.

Next I subdivided and preturbed the meshes.

Lastly, I practiced with sculpting, primarily the grab, clay add, carve and flatten brushes, with a decimation modifier.

I actually ended up simplifying the ramp, as I intend to do most of the detail work in the texture rather than the geometry.

The whole process took a lot longer than I originally expected, but it was also A LOT more fun than character design, plus I finally broke down and started practicing my sculpting skills, which I believe will translate to my character work.

Next up is UV unwrapping and substance design. As you saw in a previous article I have a little practice unwrapping, but doing the material work is going to be a new challenge!

Here is flat textured test making sure the modular pieces line up properly in engine.