More Base Mesh Work

Another full day of iterating on character base meshes!

Time spent 19 hours
Total Time 186 hours
Remaining 9814 hours
1.86% Towards Mastery!

Continuing my efforts in improving my humanoid modelling, I took another pass at my male and female meshes as well as attempting to use an edge extrusion method for building human faces.

The in progress results are suitably horrifying:

And they don't get much better over time.

Maybe I should get into horror games...

I decided to keep working on that on the backburner, and instead used some wonderful head assets written by the talented artist Gaft on SketchFab. I also used his hand and feet models to help improve my own. I've learned a lot from his meshes!

The results do a lot to spiff up my otherwise janky models.

I also revamped my female mesh with some of the improved techniques I've learned over the past few months

As a reminder, here's a little sample of where I was just a few months ago:

There's clearly a lot of work still to do:

  • I am still getting some shading errors due to some sloppy geometry, and there are still some areas that could use some more care and refinement. For example the back of this female mesh.

  • I am still getting undesireable deformation at the wrists and shoulders during animation.

  • I am still struggling with armpits and groins, which present all of the above problems: shading errors, strange deformation, as well as just generall strange looking geometry. I'll keep practicing!