Sketches (November 26, 2019)

A series of terrible digital sketches to practice more

Time spent 2 hours
Total Time 142 hours
Remaining 9858 hours

2.25 years (of 12 hours every day) remaining!



  • Sketch at least 1 hour every day for 4 weeks
  • End to End Pokemon (concept, turnaround, model, rig, skin, texture, animate)
  • Start digital sculpting!
  • Rig our male and female base meshes
  • Animate:
    • Idle
    • Walk
    • Run
    • Jump
    • Fall
    • Land

I had a lot of fun today. I know these are still embarassing to look at but I can feel real progress, and so I can't be too upset =]

I started with some random creatures drawn from my head. I am actually pretty fond of "Bear Spoiling For A Fight" and "Geckomon". The crazy clown, I don't know where that came from to be perfectly honest.

Bear Fight, Clown, and Geckomon

Next I decided on trying my hand at focusing a little more on a specific character. I had this idea for a beefy lady bug. I'm really happy with the face (the eyes are all thanks to my pokemon eyes practice yesterday!) as well as how well the lines flow in the legs. That back foot came together after a few tries, it was probably the first time I've ever drawn something and felt like I was able to capture kind of what was in my head. This made me super happy!

Tough Ladybug Lady

These cute simple kids drawings were a lot of fun, but I know I have to practice all kinds of stuff, even if they are embarassing and I can't pretend like it's just "the style". I saw an image from a TV show I was watching on my iPad in the corner of my eye and it gave me this idea for a lady walking. There's definitely progress here, but of course I know I still have a long way to go! (More than 2 years of 12 hour days!)

Farewell Lady