Sketches (November 25, 2019)

A series of terrible digital sketches to practice more

Time spent 3 hours
Total Time 140 hours
Remaining 9860 hours

2.25 years (of 12 hours every day) remaining!



I'm adding a goals section here since I have so many different art efforts I don't want to lose track of them all!

  • Sketch at least 1 hour every day for 4 weeks
  • End to End Pokemon (concept, turnaround, model, rig, skin, texture, animate)
  • Start digital sculpting!
  • Rig our male and female base meshes
  • Animate:
    • Idle
    • Walk
    • Run
    • Jump
    • Fall
    • Land

I recharged my Surface pro and started sketching random stuff, my favorite is, not surprisingly, the last thing I did. Maybe it's because it's the last thing I did after I warmed up, maybe it's because it was because it was the only thing I did with reference in front of me, maybe it's because it was the easiest.

No matter what the cause, I had a lot of fun! Each of the sketches had something in them that I liked, (and a lot of stuff I didn't) but I tried to focusing on the improvements and I think if I keep doing this I'll start being able to appreciate my own style.

Some things I know I need to improve:

  • I press way to hard on the tablet, and grib the pencil way too hard, my hand gets tired and starts to hurt!
  • SMOOTH LONG LINES! Long lines, from the elbow! I've been taught and told this a hundred times.
  • Do more fundamentals, shading and shapes. Need better control.
  • Less is more! Don't get all caught up in the details.

I spent about 3 hours sketching (not all of it represented here) mostly I was watching twitch streams, and trying to sketch whatever I saw. Here is a person riding a bicycle (inspired by watching a stream on Pokemon Sword and Shield)

Bicycle Dude

Next, I saw a bird dude during a fight, I didn't catch what it was and the fight ended almost immediately, so I attempted to draw it from memory more or less.

A sad bird dude

Next I saw a squid thing, and then an elephant thing in a doubles battle. It ended too quickly for me to see too much. Halfway through drawing the squid thing I thought it would be cool to give it a skull helmet just like Cubone. For the elephant, I was drawing a boring elephant, so I thought I would spice it up by making it a plantephant. Or an Eleplant?

Also first time really messing with color. Was fun, even if this looks worse than my 12 year old niece would do it.

Cubonesquid and Eleplant

Next I looked up and saw a husky dude (he was wearing clothes but I wanted to focus on drawing a thicker man and being shirtless helped me express that). I next saw a gentlemen with an umbrella, and I tried to recreate his pose. His head turned out skeleton like, so I went with it.

husky dude and gentlemen skeleton with umbrella

I realized that one of the things that wasn't looking very good about my pokemon (and my melon dude) were the eyes. I started looking up pokemon faces on my ipad and drawing just their eyes as best I could. Also, my pen was still on skeleton gentlemen blue, but it came out looking pretty neat.

Pokemon Eyeballs

My goal here is going to be able to do end to end an entire custom pokemon type creature.

  • Sketch a concept for a creature
  • Draw a turnaround for modeling reference.
  • Box model the creature
  • Build a custom "rig" and skin it.
  • UV unwrap and texture it
  • Animate an idle cycle
  • Put it into a game engine (Unity, Unreal, Lumberyard?)