Pokemon Inspiration

A 2 hour box model inspired by Pokemon Sword and Shield

Time spent 2 hours
Total Time 132 hours
Remaining 9868 hours

2.25 years (of 12 hours every day) remaining!


While working this weekend I've been watching my favorite speed runners do their first story playthrough's of Pokemon Sword and Shield and I've been super impressed and inspired by their simple but effective designs, as well as the clean look of their models. I have been spending a lot of time focusing on humanoids, and I wanted to try my hand at a cute pocket monster, so I gave it a shot!

  • I still have a lot of work I need to do learning how to make clean, soft and round objects. This part took me probably 45 minutes.

Head and Torso
  • I was inspired by Pachirisu a squirrel like pokemon (I don't actually know anything about it, I only played Red and Blue)
  • I loved the big tail!

I think I got a pretty good polygon flow on the tail.
  • The twirl at the end, where the tail rolls into itself was really challenging for me to get, I'm not sure what the right way to handle it, but I ended up playing around with thickness and interpenetrating planes to achieve an... effect?

The polyflow is pretty clean, but still looks amateurish

  • In the end I could probably give the belly a little more roundness
  • The tail needs a lot of work, I'm not sure how well this would rig and animate.
  • The hands and the feet use the same interpenetrating polygons. Lazy.
  • The head geometry is still a little messy in terms of flow.

All in all, not a bad effort for 2 hours, I definitely feel myself improving and getting better. Looking forward to more progress!