Art Mastery Intro

The path to a billion triangles begins with a single vertex.


This project will attempt to track my progress as a digital artist, from humble beginnings to hopefully something I'm proud of! I should have started this earlier, I was hoping to give some clear progress shots, but I was able to reconstruct this basic timeline based on various chats and a little bit of internet searching.

Time spent 120 hours
Total Time 120 hours
Remaining 9880 hours

2.25 years (of 12 hours every day) remaining!




I got my start doing digital art back in the late 1990s making and modding games. Some of the earliest work I can find are some levels I made for Dark Forces II, Jedi Knight.




Since then, I've invested dozens of hours scattered throughout the decades, but I haven't really dedicated myself the way I would like. I hope to change that now!

October 16, 2019

~10 Hours

I spent around 10 hours practicing my modelling and rigging, starting with simple box modelling (literally in this case)


Then building a simple rig and animating it in Unity.


October 17-18 2019

~20 Hours

I spent another ~20 hours or so refining my modelling, attempting to capture a particular low poly style from my childhood. I was using a piece of concept art of Nova from Starcraft Ghost.



I was actually pretty happy with this one at the time.

October 17-22nd

~50 Hours

Over this week I spent around 50 hours working on rigging, animating, and refining my modelling technique, switching my concept art to something a little more refined. This one of a more familiar heroine...




October 25th - Switching to Blender

~14 Hours

Up to this point I had been using Maya, but on the 25th I switched to using Blender. I lost a few days relearning the interface. The first models I made using Blender you can see a bit of a regression, as well as an attempt to capture a more polygonal style.



October 27th

~20 Hours

I'd learned quite a bit watching videos and examining art on Sketchfab to come up with the seventh iteration of these models:



Which I was able to then rig and animate (this time, just using Mixamo) to put inside Unity3d.


Here you can see my own asset being used as a part of the controller demos.